Ven. Gyanpurnik Mahasthabir elected TBBF's Sanghanayaka

Ven. gyanpurnik.jpg

Kathmandu: The All Nepal Bhikkhu Association has elected Bhikkhu Gyanpurnik Mahasthabir the seventh Sanghanayaka of Theravada Buddhism Bhikkhu Federation (TBBF). Mahasthabir replaced Bhikkhu Ashwaghosh, who passed away on April 5.

The selection process was based on studies on Bhikkhu, experience and seniority, said Bhikkhu Tapassi Dhamma, adding that the Association is scheduled to confer the rank on Mahasthabir on the occasion of Buddha Jayanti on May 18. Born in Palpa, Mahasthabir has got higher education on Buddha philosophy and literature from Burma.

He has contributed his around six decades of time to promoting Buddha philosophy and literature, apart from translating some books on Buddha philosophy into Nepali. Meanwhile, the condolence meeting dedicated to Bhikkhu Ashwaghosh scheduled for April 20 at the National City Hall has been rescheduled for April 21, said the Federation. RSS