Severe shortage of medicines hits Siraha District Hospital


Siraha: The district hospital in Siraha, the Tarai/ Madesh district in State 2 has experienced an acute shortage of drugs as the supply has been stopped here since a year.

The scale of problem has already surpassed the ceiling as the dispensary of the 50-bed health facility run out of stock. There are 70 sorts of medicines which are to be distributed from the district hospital free of cost as the government pays a premium for them.

Hospital medical superintendent Nagendra Yadav said the hospital has no stock of any medicines at all and the private health facilities are taking advantage of the situation. Patients have no way except to paying ‘unfair’ prices to private pharmacies.

The district hospital has already informed the bodies concerned about the situation frequently, but in vain. As per the federal provision, the local government (municipality office) has to purchase the medicines and supply to the district hospital. RSS