PM's flight postponed due to storm

Kathmandu: The PM Oli was to return Kathmandu today from Nepalgunj. However, his flight bound to Kathmandu has been postponed due to the whirlwind and torrential rain. As the deadly storm forced the flight to halt till it settles down, he could not return to Kathmandu.  

He has visited the region for the Bheri-Babai river diversion in Chiple of Surkhet. It was a breakthrough of the tunnel connecting the river Bheri to the river Babai.  The project called the Bheri-Babai river Diversion Project.

The breakthrough has been made in construction of the tunnel of the  Bheri Babai Multipurpose Diversion Project (BBDMP) in his presence today. The BBDMP is classified as the ‘project of national pride’ of the government.