NC's nationwide awakening campaign from 11th Baisakh

Kathmandu: Principal opposition party Nepali Congress has set 14 objectives on various socio-political issues for nationwide awareness campaign. This program is meant for mitigating socio-economic and political challenges  of the people the current government has failed to resolve.  

“These challenges have worsened the livelihood of the people of all three regions of the country: the mountainous, hilly and terai regions,” one of the senior most NC leaders quoted as saying.  

The leader continued, “The current government has the hubris and swagger of holding the two-third majority in the parliament”.

Hence, NC has decided to carry out the campaign against the Oli government since 11th of Baisakh, the historical day when democracy was installed on 24th April, 2006 i.e. 11th Baisakh, 2063 BS.