Buddhakrishna Bag Shrestha has pierced his tongue for the Sindurejatra festival

Bhaktapur:  Buddhakrishna Bag Shrestha of Bode, Bhaktapur, has pierced his tongue today for the Sindurejatra festival celebrated annually in Bode of Bhaktapur. He has already pieced his tongue six times in the previous similar occasions.

Previously, his brother Jujubhaai has pierced his tongue eight times for celebrating the Sindure festival. The needle which is used to pierce the tongue is taken home and put on the image of the Muktinath to be worshipped.

After the worshipping rites, it is nailed in the temple of the Lord Ganesh. The soil of the temple is used in pierced tongue. Then the same soil is taken as the boons and distributed among the devotees.