NRNA Official Shrestha arrested in Germany for human trafficking

Kathmandu: The member of Non-residential Nepali Association, International Coordination Council, Mr. Chhatra Shrestha is arrested in Germany. Dortmund Northern Westfall NRW state police has arrested him. He originally belongs to Syangja district of Nepal. He had been under the police surveillance for a long time.  

He had illegally entered Europe in 2001. Since then, he has been living there. He is the owner of many enterprises including many Asian restaurants in Germany and Italy. According to police, he is responsible for illegal activities like human trafficking.

The police has held him accountable for illegally sending Nepalese nationals to Spanish, Portugal, Italy including many other places across Europe. The case of human trafficking is very serious. The source claims that he has the records of exploiting the staffs in his restaurants.  The police however has not allowed any family members to meet him after he was indicted.