Highway accidents kill 20, injure over 100 in Myanmar in March   

YANGON: Twenty people were killed with 113 others injured in traffic accidents on Myanmar's Yangon-Mandalay highway last month, according to the figures from the Highway Police Office on Tuesday.

In March alone, there were a total of 51 road accident cases reported on the Myanmar's busiest highway. The highway accidents were mostly caused by human error -overspeeding, negligent driving and drowsy driving and others.Deadly motor vehicle accidents also involved in the last month traffic accidents on the highway.

The highway police force is urging people to comply with traffic laws as well as to cooperate with traffic police in carrying out road safety measures.

In the whole 2018, there were a total of 473 accidents, leaving 103 deaths and 877 injuries on Yangon-Mandalay highway. Aiming at enhancing better traffic safety along the highway, the highway authorities have increased the number of road safety police to 16 police stations, providing 24-hour services for travellers since 2012.

The 587-km long highway, connecting the country's commercial city Yangon and the second largest city of Mandalay, was opened to reduce the travel time between the two cities in December 2010. Xinhua