Jumli dictionary of Khas language being created


Khalanga: Works are in progress to compile a comprehensive Jumli dictionary of Nepali Khas language. 

So far, 25,000 words have been collected to produce the dictionary with around 1,000 pages. 

Linguist Ramananda Acharya who is compiling the dictionary said efforts continue to include more and more Khasiya Akhar words in the dictionary. He is also the dictionary's editor. On the joint initiation of the then District Development Committee and lexicographer Acharya, works to compile the Jumli Khas words in a form of dictionary began around a decade ago. The 72-year-old walks daily for half an hour to reach the office set up for this purpose. 

Financial issue hampers ‘mission’ .

Acharya is hopeful of the publication of the dictionary during his life. Budgetary constraint has affected the works of dictionary writing. Words collection work has been hampered due to lack of budget. The computer typing of compiled words could not take place due to the same reason. As he said, he needs some voluntary helping hands in his task. 

Khas Nepali language originated from the Sinja Valley of Jumla is on the verge of extinction and the publication of the dictionary is expected to contribute to its conservation. The protection of the Khas language would not allow the identity of the pre-1846 BS powerful ‘Khas’ principality vanish, keeping its social, cultural, historic and archeological importance alive. 

Acharya had already been in Talibhotan of Dolpa; Raskot of Kalikot and other several villages in Mugu and Humla in course of the searching and compilation of Jumli Khas words. 

Ganesh Chaulagain, Hari Sharan Acharya, Prakash Chandra Khatri and Hari Babu Chaulagain are assisting him to this end. Besides, he has the support of Tanganath Upadhyaya, who is informed about the local culture of Sinja, in the collection of traditional words of Khas language.RSS