International Campaign on Justice for Nirmala Pant

Asia Pacific member organizations of the International Union of Socialist Youth (IUSY) approved their annual activity plan and resolutions on democracy and human rights during their committee meeting in December last year.
IUSY members in the region passed the following resolutions unanimously:

A resolution calling for justice for Nirmala Pant, a young woman murdered and raped in Nepal
A resolution on the minorities, marginalized and displaced peoples in Asia
A resolution resolve the Bhutanese refugee situation in Nepal
A resolution calling for the liberation of Tibet
A resolution supporting people’s call for democratic elections in Thailand

The member organizations also identified key skills and knowledge for future training designs including management and leadership, public speaking, campaigning, organizing, networking, international law and other topics.

IUSY-APC will also have human rights campaigns with special focus on regional concerns such as climate change, ending gender inequality and violence against women, and curbing corruption.

The plans include expansion of members to youth organizations in SAARC, student groups in the Philippines, political parties in the SEA region, and women’s organizations in Nepal.

Participating organizations include Akbayan Youth in the Philippines, Nepal Students Union and Nepal Tarun Dal, Youth for a New Society in Burma, Young Progressives for Social Democracy in Thailand, Tibetan Youth Congress, Youth Organization of Bhutan, and Pergerakan Indonesia.