“Micro-Management” Menace Looming Large over Army?

The CoAS of Nepalese Army called a historical press conference after a month of his appointment for the post. It was 11th of October, 2018. CoAS Gen. Poornachandra Thapa clarified the roles and laid bare his plans to enhance organization of NA in public through the rare press meet like this.

Additionally, he also presented the strategies for his tenure of three year.  This was probably the first press meet called by the CoAS of Nepalese Army. This might help to enrich the already tarnished image of the Army.

However, there are some corners of the society which hardly welcome the entire idea of clarifying strategies of the Army in the public. Except in the national crunch time, the Army may not reach out to the press since it is the against the norms the Army has been preserving for centuries. 

The press statement of Gen. Thapa contained some strategically hyper sensitive issues. Most of the concerns could be encompassed into the two major categories: 
a. The danger of “micro-management” within the Army
b. Right sizing the Nepalese Army and diminishing the military budget of the country

In fact, he wishes to keep the organization intact, efficient and competent. He has manifested his desires to bring about the substantial changes in Army through his initial proactiveness. Currently, there no threat of armed communist uprising nor any violent upsurge of any character. 

His motifs were loud and clear. He emphasized that the Nepalese Army would not welcome micro-management and any form of political meddling within NA. NA would not just deny but ingenuously disregard such attempts in the future. 

Nepalese army must be rightly sized and well-suited to the geo-political reality of the country. There has to be the periodical evaluation as well as assessment regarding this institution for the sake of timely advancement.