Bhotekoshi and a Bungee Saga

What is the difference between falling off the bridge in dream and in reality? This question questioned me many times until I made my first bungee jump in Bhotekoshi. 
Everybody falls off the tall suspension bridge in dream. I, too, had fallen multiple times off the suspension bridge when I would be in deep dream during my exam hours. 
 If falling off the bridge in dream is so scary, you can imagine how it feels in real bungee jumping? I did experience this amazing yet exciting adventure on 27 April, 2018. 
I did bungee jump that day. My long-cherished bungee jump in Bhotekoshi was successful. Stretching both hands sideways and jumping off the 160-meter tall bridge was scary and exciting at the same time. 
My bungee instructor had told everything required to be prepared for bungee jump from the bungee platform. 
He said to be confident on 100 % safety of the jump and also said to make bungee jump not the bungee fall. His indication of bungee jump was to jump with head downward like throwing our body for swimming. His bungee fall meant to fall with legs downward. 
Having fitted with rope, harness and karabiner, I jumped off the bridge. 
The 2.45 seconds of freefall was an amazing experience. I didn't feel that I was roped and would hang after during freefall right after making bungee jump from bungee platform. 
I could feel the wind tossing hard on my face as I fall free facing the Bhotekoshi River below. 
After feeling first bounce I thought I won't fall on the rock and river below. The bounces, afterwards, helped me gain confidence further and I enjoyed to the fullest.  As instructed by bungee master, I pulled my harness of my right leg; my downward head turned upward making more comfortable. 
I did look at attached GoPro camera on my left hand and videoed my feeling of Bhotekoshi bungee jump. My bungee master from the bridge whistled to lock my karabiner with fallen rope's karabiner to pull me up to the bridge. 
As I was pulled up by bungee crew with recently installed pulley (previously jumpers wouldn't be pulled up, they would have to walk for half hour to make uphill walk to come to The Last Resort'S bridge), I forget my 4-hour vehicular ride from Kathmandu to make bungee jump. I forgot my longing for suitable time to come to Bhotekoshi for bungee jump. I just felt kind of merriment after accomplishing bungee jump.  
 Asia's highest and world's third highest natural bungee jumping on Bhotekoshi was a great deed indeed for me personally. Not only me, many foreign friends from Europe, US, China and India that day shared same sentiment on our way back to Kathmandu after bungee. 
And, based on my experience, feelings of falling off the bridge in dream and in reality is little different. In dream, your face is not hit hard by strong wind. But in bungee jump, your face is hit hard. In dream, you wake up after falling. In bungee jump, you come in sense after first bounce.