Government must, therefore, construct Budhigandaki Hydropower Project

The Budhigandaki hydroelectricity project with reservoir is believed to be yielding 12 hundred Megawatt of electricity. It is one of the projects of national pride of Nepal.

The hydroelectricity projects with reservoirs are the key elements for reducing energy shortages. They will pragmatically help for managing supply of the power in steady manner.  

Now, Nepal has only three hydroelectricity projects with the reservoirs, the Kulekhani 1, 2 and 3. These projects have been contributing steady supply of the electricity round the year. 

Government of Nepal has spent more than a billion Rupees for the DPR of the Budhigandaki Hydroelectricity Project. A company was formed for constructing the basic infrastructural supports to the project in order to construct the entire project under the leadership of government of Nepal previously.

However, the fundamental characteristics of the project was found to be reeled in the massive legal as well as financial irregularities, and the chronic socio-political instability in the country was one of the principle cause of its postponement for indefinite time.

The project was assigned to Chinese Company, the China Gezhouba Group Company Limited which is a Chinese construction and engineering company based in Wuhan, Hubei, and bilaterally agreed too. Despite all this, the project could not move a single pace. 

The preceding government had reformed curtained articles of the agreements and was about to proceed further. It also did not make any sense although the government had termed the Budhigandaki Hydroelectricity Project as ‘the project of national pride which is to be constructed with native investments and technology already applied in  the country’. 

Nepal and Nepalese people would make it a reality. What it needed was the political stability, transparency in policy and integrity in the political leadership which were almost the far cry in Nepalese contexts.  

Offering the project of national pride to a foreign company was a matter of shame in first place because the agreement was undersigned by the  cabinet minister representing the  nation and its government with the due sovereign authority, on the one hand. And, the other party signatory body was just an executive of the company, China Gezhouba Group Company Limited. 

The nature and characteristics of the project were badly criticized in Nepal. The citizens from various social strata came forward and had their says on behalf of the national pride and against the international humiliation. 

We, the people of Nepal must hold the strong self-esteem for securing the national pride by thrusting enough pressures upon  the government for forcing it to initiate the constructions of the  power plantations which are important to preserving our future by guaranteeing the energy security.