Call to make criminal and civil code press friendly


Kathmandu: The Federation of Nepali Journalists, Institution Provincial Committee has demanded that the criminal code, 2074 and the civil code, 2074 be amended to make it press and freedom of expression friendly. 

The meeting of the Committee on Saturday has decided to appeal to all sides concerned to help with the practice of independent journalism by immediately amending the provisions in the two codes that obstruct free news reporting, publication and dissemination. Some provisions of the codes are likely to have a serious impact on press and freedom of expression. 

On a different note, the Committee has also urged the Minimum Wage Determination Committee to determine minimum wage for journalists considering the increasing rate of inflation in the country. It has called for setting up a separate fund to support the treatment of journalists suffering from life-threatening diseases or who have suffered an accident. 

It has also urged the central committee to ease the access of journalists and media workers to accidental insurance coverage. RSS