IUSY to the Nepali government: stop the violence against youth protesters!


IUSY condemns reports of severe human rights violations in Nepal, as police opened fire at protesters on August 24.

Protesters were demanding fairness and justice in the rape and murder case of 13 year old Nirmala Pant. The police fired at enraged locals protesting under the leadership of Nepal Student Union (NSU).

The seventeen year old Sunny Khuna from Bhagatpur in Kanchanpur died and 24 others are severly injured after the clash with the police.

CPN leader and ex-Deputy Prime Minister Bhim Rawal has done little to bring justice to Pant. He has instead accused Nepali Congress of organizing the protest against the government even while the demonstrations were led by locals in Kanchanpur district.

The government appears to be involved in a cover up as the police presented a suspect that is allegedly mentally challenged. There is widespread doubt among the locals that this person is the culprit.

The locals suspect the incident to be a government policy that saves the real culprit who is allegedly a powerful person protected by the ruling regime.

The Nepali government has dealt with critics harshly. There are reports that the government fired upon protestors clamoring for reforms in the healthcare sector, supporting Dr. Govinda KC’s stance.

We are alarmed of reports that Nepal Tarun Dal’s (NTD), the youth wing of Nepali Congress, President Jitjung Basnet was targetted and attacked by the police.

IUSY expresses solidarity to the youth protesters of Nepal in their demands for justice and their fight for democracy. We call on the Nepali government to cease violent operations against protesters, take action against the rape case of Pant and start an independent investigation, release political critics and uphold their obligation under human rights law. iusy